About doreen & jeff

Get ready to meet the ultimate dynamic duo – Jeff Wilson and Doreen Yaffa. They’re not just partners in life; they’re allies in coaching too. Before they tied the knot in 2009, they each tackled their own divorces head-on. Those experiences ignited an unstoppable fire within them – a burning desire to use their expertise and personal journeys to guide others toward the extraordinary post-divorce experience.

Break free from the chains of divorce and embrace a life beyond your wildest dreams. This isn’t just a career for them; it’s their life’s calling. They’re all about envisioning and manifesting your absolute best life post-divorce. Embrace the transformation – your future is about to get real.


Meet Doreen Yaffa. She’s not just a certified life coach; she’s a successful Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer as well. With over 25 years of working in family and divorce law, she’s witnessed the aftermath of divorce firsthand. It hit her hard – the struggle her clients faced as they tried to rebuild their lives post-divorce.

Driven by this profound impact, she took a leap of faith and got certified in coaching at The Life Coach School in 2018. Her mission is crystal clear – to be the beacon of hope for those in the midst of divorce or on the other side of it. Brace yourself for the ultimate support, guidance, and transformation. Doreen’s got your back every step of the way!


Get ready to meet Jeff Wilson. He’s all about helping others level up. Sensei Wilson owned and instructed at his martial arts dojo, instilling discipline, goal-setting, and unshakable confidence in his students – qualities that now fuel his coaching.

As a certified coach from The Life Coach School, Jeff’s passion is crystal clear – to empower people like you to create a life that’s truly purposeful and meaningful. Brace yourself for an epic transformation under his guidance. Together, we’ll unleash the power within you!

Ready to change for good?

Here’s our approach to coaching

We’re all about understanding how powerful your thoughts are and how they can shape your future.  Brace yourself for a revolutionary way to own the results you’re making happen in your life. This isn’t an ordinary tool; it’s a mind-blowing revelation. 

Here’s the game-changer: you know those thoughts in your mind that are calling the shots?? They’re behind your feelings, actions, and results. And guess what? You’ve got the power to take control.