Are you over feeling stuck in the aftermath of divorce?

Enough is enough. It’s time to unleash your inner fire, reclaim your life, and forge a future that’s worth fighting for.

Do you really want your life back? Really?

How about a life that is better than the one you had?
Transformation meets potential!

Divorce can hit you harder than a punch to the gut. It’s a storm of emotions that can leave you paralyzed. Well it’s time to to move on.

Enough is enough! Your life can be more epic than ever.

Once you learn that you control your thoughts, everything changes. And we have the tools to help you master your mind and create a life that you deserve.

We equip you with strategies that will change your mindset, so you can take charge of your actions and shape the outcomes in your life.

Don’t wait, start to create!

Your secret weapon? Life After Divorce Coaching

We’re not just saying it – we totally get what you’re going through. We have been there ourselves!

Our mission is crystal clear: unwavering support, stellar guidance, and strategies that catapult you forward.

Rest assured, we’ve got your back. Consider us your kick-ass confidante, delivering objective insights to transform you into a force ready to dominate your life’s new chapter.

"I encourage those who are “stuck in life” to give yourself a chance to find a better today and future. Being open to new strategies that coaches teach can help you rediscover your best life after divorce"

"It has been over two years since I finalized a long and contentious divorce. I have been through all phases of the process which Doreen has coached me through.

I met Doreen at my lowest possible point, pre divorce, where lots of feelings and thoughts were preventing me from moving forward. I was not only hurting myself, but my children felt it as well. I was angry and “stuck” in life.

Soon thereafter, I became a client of Doreen’s and she encouraged me to join her support group that met monthly. There, I learned quickly that I was not alone. There were strategies that could help me transition to a better place and that helped me be able to let go of the past. Whether we were pre, middle, or post divorce, you would always leave with tools that you could apply in any aspect of life.

Later on, and once my divorce was finalized, I was invited to her podcast to share my experience after using what I learned through Doreen’s coaching, and how I applied those tools. It was a great feeling to be able to share what I learned with others.

I don’t know where I would be today without all those resources. Every week when I listen to a new Episode of Doreen’s and Jeff’s Podcast, I get inspired to challenge myself once again. Whether it is setting boundaries, letting the past go, uneasy feelings, learning to cope with anxiety, setting goals or to simply journal.

I also found it very helpful to listen to opinions from a man’s point of view on divorce every week"

Valeria Fabiani
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