Let’s join Forces

Ready to unleash a life beyond your wildest dreams after divorce? Say hello to the one-on-one life coach – your ultimate game-changer. Welcome to Life After Divorce Coaching, where we make a giant impact on your world.

We’re not just talk; we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve conquered our own divorces, and guess what? Amidst the chaos, we found pure bliss and love in each other. Now, we’re your go-to coaches ready to push you to finally do the same thing. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s too short to be captive to your circumstances. It’s now or never!

Jeff and Doreen both have experienced divorces of their own, and now, not only have they both found joy and happiness in their lives but also true love and romance in each other. This has inspired them to become coaches with a focus on helping professional business owners rebuild their life after divorce.

It’s too late, NOT!!

Let’s cut to the chase. Click that button below and schedule a call with us now. We’re here to find out if we’re a team, so let’s get this show on the road! Together, we’ll make it happen.

what does a session like?

During your one-on-one sessions, brace yourself for some real empowerment. We will hit you with powerful questions that unlock your self-awareness like never before. Prepare for mind-blowing insights that let you steer your thoughts, feelings, actions, and ultimately, the kickass results you crave. It’s the secret sauce to crafting your dream life.

Whether you’re struggling through the aftermath or basking in newfound joy, uncertain of what’s next, we got you. We look forward to dive into your deepest concerns, overwhelming anger, and confusion. Embrace it all and emerge as the absolute best version of you.

Your thoughts are the masterminds behind your feelings, actions, and results. Take control of your life’s experiences and craft the life you’ve always craved.

So what do we talk about??

We fear nothing in our coaching realm. Lay it all out there – your deepest thoughts and emotions. Or let us push you with topics tailored to your journey.

No fluff, all power. Co-parenting, dating game mastery, self-esteem elevation, acing relationships with your kids, developing successful careers, conquering health and wellness issues, mastering communication – and hell yes, embracing the fierce new identity you want.

The divorce rollercoaster is wild, but here’s the real deal: you’re ready to unleash that self-discovery person within you. With a divorce coach on your side, we’re tearing through those emotions together, carving a game-changing path to your ultimate, no-holds-barred life.