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Ep. 135 – The Results of our Actions

In the fifth installment of our series, Jeff and Doreen dive into the concluding segment titled “Results.” They explore the current state of your life and the journey that brought you here, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness in determining what your life will look like in your life after divorce.

This invaluable resource underscores the idea that the fulfilling and desirable life you seek is closer than you may realize, offering insights into how to attain it.


Jeff 00:00
Hello, everybody, welcome to episode 135. Today we’re going to finalize our series on the model and talking about the fifth part better known as Results. So if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Doreen 00:15
Are you ready to create a life that’s better than ever before? We are Doreen Yaffa and Jeff Wilson and we are here to give you the strategies you need to create the Life After Divorce that you deserve, and desire. As partners, both in marriage and coaching. We use our expertise as well as our own personal experiences to help you make the next chapter of your life, the best chapter. Hey, Jeff.

Jeff 00:55
Hey, Doreen, how are you?

Doreen 00:58
I was gonna catch you first.

Jeff 00:59
I know you were.

Doreen 01:00
Yeah, you always do that. How are you? And yeah, well.

Jeff 01:03
Maybe I know, because I’ve been with you all day today. But maybe our listeners are.

Doreen 01:07
Well, you haven’t been with me all day. But I mean, we have offices in our home. So we see each other like two ships passing in the night.

Jeff 01:16
Yes. And I had a great lunch appointment to which is very nice.

Doreen 01:19
Yeah. We just had an amazing webinar yesterday that we did.

Jeff 01:22
I thought it was amazing.

Doreen 01:23

Jeff 01:26
Loving your life after divorce.

Doreen 01:28
Which is totally possible.

Jeff 01:30
It’s well attended.

Doreen 01:31
I hope that a lot of our listeners were able to attend. And those of you who didn’t, be on the lookout for our next one.

Jeff 01:40
Yeah, yeah.

Doreen 01:41
Come up with another good webinar.

Jeff 01:43
Maybe we’ll let them know of a way that they can see still see yesterday’s webinar.

Doreen 01:48
Yeah, we’re working on that. So this is the end of a the five part series on the model, which is called different things. But we call it the model because that’s the way we were taught it. From our school that we, life coaches. We are certified as life coaches from The Life Coach School. And so yeah, we started off with circumstances. We went into our thoughts about circumstances, then we moved right into your feelings from your thoughts. The actions were next or maybe the inactions? Right, because that’s an option too. It’s not doing anything is a decision, right?

Jeff 02:28
All decision still an action.

Doreen 02:29
And today, we’re on the results. So the goals, how do you want your life to be? What do you want your goals to be? How many of you out there? If someone asked you, what are your top two goals? Not even three, just two. What are your top two goals out there? Like really, explain it. I bet you there’s a lot of people that might stumble on that question. Right? You might think generally, like I want good health, or you know, I want to be rich. That’s always a nice one. Or I want to meet a nice new person in my life. Or maybe I hear this one a lot, I want to be happy.

Jeff 03:14
Or maybe there’s those out there that are living their life on autopilot. They wake up, they go to work, they come..

Doreen 03:21
They don’t really have any specific goals.

Jeff 03:23
They live their life. So present tense focus that they can think of about the future. Yeah, you know, and don’t have goals at all. So we have to address that as well.

Doreen 03:32
Yeah. But my point was going back to my point was that identifying and really understanding your goal, you can’t just say I want to be well, you can say anything you want. It’s a free world still. So we can say whatever we want. That’s true. We’re adults, we’re permitted to do that better, better information on that when you go back to our podcast episode about the manual, the manual, so go see, go listen to that one. But listen, you have to be goal specific. You can’t just say you can say what you want. But saying I want to be happy isn’t specific. Saying what it is you want to accomplish that you believe in your mind will reach that goal, or whatever it is, let’s just say being happy. That’s where the beauty comes in. That’s where the results come in.

Jeff 04:25
Where the magic happens. The two words.

Doreen 04:26
So I talk a lot about reverse engineering. That’s my, that’s my word for the month, you’re gonna push it into next month too. I love that word. Reverse Engineering. You know what that means to me that means taking where you want to be your, what you want your future self to be. Just pick out any part of that. I want to be x, whatever that is, our listeners know what that is define it. That’s the result you’re looking for. And then reverse engineer it on how to get there. I don’t know to me, it’s like so simple. Yeah.

Jeff 05:02
And that’s not and that’s not really anything new. I mean, we’ve heard the secret, or truth in advance.

Doreen 05:08
It is more about like, it’s a it’s about being you’re full of attraction law of attraction because of being that future mindset of who you are. But I think we are going deeper here. We’re really trying to put it down on paper and now okay, if you want to do X, what do I need to do to get there? Find the building blocks, what I call it, what you call the formula, the recipe to create that result? It’s pretty simple.

Jeff 05:35
Well, I think what why do we go deeper here is because we can wish, think about it all we want. But how do you get there? That’s the key is how do you do it?

Doreen 05:45
Well, you can’t know what the recipe is. Or to reverse engineer, I want to be happy. Right? But you can if let’s say it is that you want to start a new career. And let’s say you identify that new career, let’s just pick one pick a career. Okay, I’ll pick one veterinarian, because our daughter Megan’s in veterinarian school at Auburn. Yes, right. She wants to be a vet. She actually knew this since she was like teeny weeny, actually teeny weeny is a name we use for Samantha, who is our 22 year old and happy birthday, Samantha. Happy birthday Samantha! We’re recording this on her birthday. But point being that Megan, who is 24? Did I get that right? Yes. Well, she’ll be 24.

Jeff 06:32
With four kids you’re allowed to get to know.

Doreen 06:34
Shall be 24 in April. Yeah, yeah. So very close to 24. But anyhow, the point being she wanted to be a vet at a young age. And then we waited. Because you know how kids are they talk about wanting to be things and you really want to, I think parents side note, think about that. Like when your kids say they want to be something I know I’m going off on a tangent, but, but when your kids tell you that they want to be something, please let them be who they want to be like, listen, because there’s this thing called unique abilities. There’s thing, there’s this thing called like the Kolbe test that we just did, and just like knowing your future self, and there’s so many amazing books on this, that, you know, it’s kind of like inbred in you. It’s part of your DNA. It’s part of your formula is part of how you were built and put together. Kolbe. Did I say it wrong?

Jeff 07:26
Kolbe. With an L.

Doreen 07:31

Jeff 07:32
Kolbe, Kobe Bryant?

Doreen 07:34
No, but sometimes I say things and I miss some of the syllables. But it’s Kolbe. Did you hear the L then?

Jeff 07:44
Very well said.

Doreen 07:45
Okay. But anyhow, what I’m trying to say is that when you can identify what you’re really good at, it’s called your unique ability, what you, like empowers you and like you naturally gravitate to embrace that, like, embrace that because that is how you find happiness. And going back to happiness, what I’m trying to say is that if you have a goal of being happy, it’s not broken down enough, right? So you got to find that goal. What makes you happy, right? So let’s say you want to be a veterinarian, she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian, we watched it. She went to college, she still wanted to be a veterinarian. She applied to various veterinarian schools she got in she’s in Auburn now, she’s doing amazing. Like she’s getting A’s and maybe an occasional B, but not because she’s not studying any harder or less than she was in college. It should be because she’s doing something that she loves, and she wants to be right. And so she’s working towards her future self, she’s got her goal, she knows she has to go to vet school, she knows she has to put the time in, she knows she has to get up on go to school and do the things. So you have to be specific. Now let’s do a quick little review well of results, that plays into results.

Jeff 09:03
One thing that we’re very, very clear with everybody is.. So your thoughts, drive your feelings, your feelings will create some kind of action, right? Okay. And it’s the actions that we take on a daily basis, that are going to create the results that you’re either living with, or the ones that you want to create. Okay, so you’re if you’re living with bad results in your life, you can take a look back and say, These are the thoughts that I’ve had that created these feelings, that these are the actions these are the actions that have not served me. On the other hand, if you’re in a life right where you want to be or you’re getting where you want to be? I guarantee that Megan could look at her life and say this, these are the actions that I took to get me into the college where I am.

Doreen 10:09
Right. It’s all so she has right now. And the result is she’s in her first year of veterinarian school. Right?

Jeff 10:16
And that’s a fact.

Doreen 10:18
So taking her as an example, if you ran it through the model, because what we encourage you to do is take that CTFAR, circumstance, thought, feeling, action, result, and punch, put in what you have, for example, your result and work backwards. So she has a result of being it’s a fact in her first year in veterinarian school. Her action was that she went to college, she graduated, she applied, she had good grades, she got in. Okay, there’s a lot of actions, a lot of actions to break down each, you know, your actions are broken down to the results that you have also broken down, because all those little results then get you to the bigger result of your goal. And then she had to have a feeling. And the feeling came from her thought that she could do this. And her feeling was determination, enthusiasm, passion. And her circumstances at the time was she was not in vet school, right? She wasn’t in vet school. The result is she’s in her first year, and all the things that she had to do to get there. So that’s why it’s so important to really look at the results that you have in your life that you don’t want reverse it. See why. And the same thing for the results that you want in your life to do the same thing. What feelings do you have to have to reach your goal? To reach the result? Right? So it, pick a result? Just pick something that maybe one of our listeners might be thinking they want the result to be.

Jeff 11:59
Maybe one of their results might be they want to start dating again.

Doreen 12:03
Okay, that’s a good one. That’s a good result. Right? You want to get out there and start mingling. Again, why not? Let’s go for it. So what kind of feeling would our client need to have in order to get the result of dating again? Give me a feeling.

Jeff 12:19

Doreen 12:20
Okay, that’s a good feeling. I was thinking confident.

Jeff 12:23
Confident also.

Doreen 12:24
Okay. Which would you rather use?

Jeff 12:27
Let’s use confidence.

Doreen 12:28
Okay, confident. What thoughts now remember, in my CTFAR? I put the results dating again. So dating. My, I put the the feeling in which was confident, what thoughts do I have to have in order to feel confident?

Jeff 12:46
I deserve it, and I’m good enough.

Doreen 12:49
I’m good enough. I deserve it.

Jeff 12:51
I look great.

Doreen 12:52
I look pretty.

Jeff 12:54
I look beautiful.

Doreen 12:56
Okay, what else? I’m worthy.

Jeff 13:00
I’m worthy.

Doreen 13:01
I can do this.

Jeff 13:02
I can do this. There is that special person out there for me?

Doreen 13:06
Optimism, right?

Jeff 13:07
That might Yes.

Doreen 13:08
Okay. So we know what kind of thoughts we have.

Jeff 13:11

Doreen 13:11
So we said, I deserve this, I think was one that you gave us. Absolutely. So if you say I deserve this, you can truly come to that thought. And I know each of you can, you would have a feeling of confidence that would then have what action?

Jeff 13:29
You will get out the door.

Doreen 13:32
But let’s be, you know me, I like to break it down more specific. Your action might be researching how to meet people. Yeah, checking out the dating sites online, talking to friends and family and neighbors about who they might know.

Jeff 13:46
But and also, maybe you’re not ready to get out there right away and start dating right after divorce. Maybe you just want to be a little bit more social. So with that confidence, you can get out to the gym more often you can, you know, volunteer, take walks and you never know who you’re going to meet and lead to something.

Doreen 14:05
The point is right, because the point is that the result that we’re looking for, in our example, could pick anything, anything that the listeners want out there, right? Is this particular example was..

Jeff 14:19
Wanting to start dating.

Doreen 14:20
Dating, right? So you just start taking then from that thought of I’m worthy, or I deserve this. Whatever that thought is that you can just gently throw on that feels real, to build the feeling that’s going to propel the action. That’s going to give you the results. Yeah. I think a lot of it is about awareness. Let’s Let’s talk about the unintentional and the intentional. Go ahead.

Jeff 14:45
Boy, that’s a great subject to start talking about. Because when you’re working from the unintentional model, you’re basically working on autopilot, you know, a 60,000 thoughts that we’ve have a day. Most of them are done without purpose, without intention on autopilot, they don’t serve you. And what happens is when you start having thoughts that do serve you and are more intentional, then you’re becoming more aware of those thoughts more aware of whether they serve you, and then you can be more directing of yourself to think of the right thoughts that are gonna get you there. Get you the results that you want.

Doreen 15:29
Well, that’s where all the beauty lies. The beauty in the model is the thought line. That’s where to me the magic happens. Because it’s the thoughts that drive anything, everything you do, is because of some thought you have, it might be a negative thought it might be a positive thought it might be a neutral thought. But every action we take comes from a thought.

Jeff 15:59
Yeah, I mean, if you think about the model, or circumstance, yeah, is a fact. You can’t deny it, you can discuss it. I mean, you can discuss it, but you can’t debate it. Everything after the thought, is because of the thought. Right? So you know, in other words, after your thoughts comes, your feelings, your actions and your results, everything is about your thoughts. So

Doreen 16:25
Let’s assume that the same person that wanted to date, the end result, okay, this is what we do in coaching, by the way, we try to figure out, we’re very goal driven. So we try to figure out what they’re looking to achieve, and we try to really break it down. But let’s assume that that person wants to date but their thought is I’m not worthy. Or the thought is I’m not good enough. Same thing, I assume, or their thought is I’m ugly, not attractive, who wants me I have, you know, X amount of children and baggage, as I say, right, those thoughts are going to drive feelings likely of sadness, right? Maybe without my resentment, true.

Jeff 16:31
Resenting your kids.

Doreen 16:38
True and resenting just the divorce. Right. So feelings like resentment, or sadness, as an example, aren’t going to drive the action to get you out the door, start thinking on ways that you can take action to try to meet somebody, right? Get out there and date. So

Jeff 17:28
it’s just an example. Right? Right. So it’s all about awareness.

Doreen 17:31
It’s all about awareness. And it’s about understanding and really, really taking the time to practice this and writing them down. What are the results you have? What are the results you want? What are my thoughts that are causing the results that I have that results that I need to have? What thoughts do I have? And pretty much that’s it?

Jeff 17:49
And what do you want? In deciding what you want, and maybe go back and listen to our podcast on goal setting, because it wasn’t just career goals or financial goals. It was just goals in your life, you know, how do you really focus in on what you really want? And how do you get there identifying what it is you want? Putting them down on paper. I love the reverse engineering process. And expecting failure.

Doreen 18:16
Exactly. I mean, when we work on really setting these goals and expect and reversing them, we anticipate the pitfalls, because there’s nothing that you’re going to try to accomplish as a result, that you’re not going to have setbacks, nothing. There is no easy smooth path that just takes you right down the middle, like not bumpy, not like you know, any issues going on. No, there’s roadblocks, there’s bumps, there’s potholes, potholes, there’s all of that. The question is, are you going to go through a pothole, and have a little bumper along the way and just say that’s it are you going to keep going, when you understand that life is a balance of both good and bad, you’re gonna have those potholes, you’re going to have those, you know, road blocks, whatever it is, you’re going to be more receptive to them happening. Life is not all perfect rainbows and daisies and unicorns, right? It’s not doesn’t work that way. We have to anticipate that.

Jeff 19:14
Also, when you have more failures, more setbacks. Ultimately, the goal when you achieve it just feels so much sweeter.

Doreen 19:24
Yeah, but I also want to warn people about something. And then we’re going to talk about our little primitive brain. That guy shows up all the time. But we’re going to talk about him in a minute. But what I want to just warn people about a little bit is, whatever that goal is that you’re looking for that end result. It’s not better there than here. You think that when you lose the weight, you think that when you change the career, you think that when you make the money, it’s going to be amazing, but it’s not better here than there, meaning that it might fill some gaps and satisfy some, you know, checklist. But you’re still going to have issues you’re so that’s why so many people think about it, you look at it in social media and on the news and whatever it is not the news. But all these people that you know, I have many clients that have many, many, many millions of dollars, and fame and fortune and everything that goes along with it in my 30 years, basically a practicing family law high level, there are miserable many people why? Because the fame and the fortune and the money doesn’t bring the happiness, the 10 pounds that you lost, or 30, or 50, or 100 doesn’t bring the happiness. So just be you know, but we’re humans, and we should always be searching for goals and what it’s what drives us? Oh, well there’s kind of two parts to that when you get to where you want to be, like you said, you know, when you get there, there’s always going to be more obstacles to deal with new challenges that you’re going to have to face. So how about loving where you’re at today? Living in the present, I think you started off the podcast today, kind of discussing about the present a little bit. And, you know, that’s why they say, live in the present. And all of the quotes that we hear about that. I think what that boils down to, you know, if I have to simplify it, from my perspective, is that it’s not better there than here. And that enjoy the journey. Because, you know, myself included, I’m always striving mostly in business to reach new goals, bigger goals, better goals. And I sometimes miss the journey, right? And I spend so much time focused on the future that I forget about living at currently. So there’s that being your future self and knowing what that looks like and what you want, but also enjoying that journey along the way.

Jeff 21:59
Well, you know, the old saying, they say that so many people are striving to achieve happiness, instead of happily achieving. So that’s why you want to be living in the moment, but still have that future tense focus on what you really want your life to look like.

Doreen 22:19
There’s a balance.

Jeff 22:20
Let’s talk about the primitive brain and the cortex.

Doreen 22:25
So here’s what happens. And I know I’ve we’ve touched on this numerous times throughout various podcast episodes and teachings.

Jeff 22:33
I think the reason we’re talking about it is because we wanted to say how do we get there? How do we end up with the life that we want? Because you’re gonna you’re gonna face both brains?

Doreen 22:44
I’m going to rephrase what you said, it tricks us to believe that it’s helping us it’s tricked us to believe that we’re it’s saving us it’s protecting us, but it’s really not. It’s holding us back. So how do we get the results because today’s conversations about results, when you know, hey, it’s, it’s easy to say, to do X, put your X in, whatever it is right, to date. But I know what’s going to happen. Tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up, I’m going to look in the mirror, I’m gonna get on the scale, I’m going to feel tired and thinking nah, I don’t want to do this today, I don’t want to think about my end result of dating. Here’s what that is that your primitive brain, your primitive brain is your brain. And I’m not going to say this as a scientist. But there are many studies on all of this, right? And you can research it. But your primitive brain is that part of our brain that tells us not to do things, it protects us, it’s in place to give us the path of least existence to not use a lot of energy to protect us. So the primitive brain likes to do what it knows it likes to not seek adventure. It doesn’t like to push the envelope, it likes to stay within its comfort zone, even when its comfort zone is not good for the human for the body. And so that primitive rain in the morning when you want to think about getting out there and dating is going to say all the reasons why you shouldn’t. It is but its job is to do that. So that is your primitive brain’s job. It’s why you know, caveman days, you didn’t come out of the cave, because you were trying to protect you know, your primitive brain was protecting you been eaten by a lion. Exactly. But we have evolved, right? We don’t have to worry any further about hopefully lions and bears and everything else that might be out there. We live in a world where that’s not something that we fear. We may have other fears in today’s world, but certainly, most of us don’t live in constant fear of physical danger, right? And we know where to get our food. We can just order it and have it delivered. Or go to the nearest grocery store or restaurant. We’re not in starvation mode, trying to survive. What we’re trying to say is that a primitive brain will always tell you why you shouldn’t reach your goal. The beauty here is you got to listen to it, but not take its advice because, Jeff talk about the prefrontal cortex.

Jeff 25:11
Well the prefrontal cortex is the part of our brain that makes the human being logical. A goal setting machine makes us have all these incredible inventions that we have.

Doreen 25:23
Figure it out.

Jeff 25:25
Organizations or research, have, maybe have the guts to do something that you’ve never done before, because what the hell, why not.

Doreen 25:35
And it’s able to rationalize and logistically reverse engineer something to figure out the steps, it takes one plus one equals two, to get there. And so we know what we need to do to reach most goals, we can look at it, we can break it down, we can figure out the steps, we can do the research, we can mathematically do all kinds of nice equate equations on it, we can do all the things, but that primitive brain is still going to tell us why we shouldn’t. And so the goal is to do it. Anyhow,

Jeff 26:10
I bet every single listener out there has seen some kind of either cartoon, or photograph with the little devil on one shoulder, the angel on the other shoulder one’s telling you to get up and go work out. And the other one’s telling you to stay in bed. It’s nice and cozy. And and that’s the primitive brain working against the prefrontal cortex.

Doreen 26:31
Exactly. And that’s when you do it anyhow. Because you anticipate your primitive brain, you anticipate that they’re going to come up with all the amazing reasons why you shouldn’t go to the gym. I’m too tired. It’s too cold. I’m cozy. I didn’t have enough sleep, I’m hungry. I don’t feel so good. My kids are crying. I have too much to do. The emails are blasting off. People are calling me. And it sounds really convincing. Your primitive brain comes up, you know, it’s finding evidence for what you believe you will always find evidence to support your belief. The thing is to believe what you want to believe in yourself enough to get to that goal, right? To know that hey, little primitive brain, I’m not listening to you, I’m gonna put you back into your little corner over here, you go away, swat them off your shoulder, right? And just do it anyhow. Look, one thing for me is I just taken a little steps, the how do you get there to get your results, you take it in little steps, you don’t become overwhelmed with it, break it down. For example, working out, I use that because we like to work out haven’t been there in a few days. And my primitive brain has taken over on that. But I’m getting there tomorrow, and it’s going to happen. I’m going to put my clothes out tonight. I’m going to anticipate tomorrow morning, I get up at about 5:30 I’m going to be tired. I’m going to read like I always do. And I’m going to get my you know what? Out the door and into the car. Now all along the way. I’m not going to want to do that. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be I’m not going to sleep well. There’s going to be a million emails, I know all the things that are going to happen. But you know what? I’m going to do it anyhow. That’s how you get there. Little baby steps. Put on your clothes to go to the gym. Get in the car, drive to the gym, open up the door, get out of the car, get walk into the gym, get into the gym, get on the treadmill. Ooh, now you’re starting to feel good. Yeah, now I can go lift me some weights. Yeah, now I’m feeling really good.

Jeff 28:32
Well, how many times have we gone to the gym? And I say we because I can count for myself that you..

Doreen 28:38
Don’t feel like it.

Jeff 28:39
Don’t feel like it when you’re done. How do you feel when you’re done?

Doreen 28:41

Jeff 28:42
Oh, it’s amazing.

Doreen 28:43
It may not be the best workout. But that doesn’t matter. The fact is that you live true to your to what you committed to. Look, most of us do not treat ourselves with the same respect that we would treat another person and what I mean by that as you if you had a date, have lunch with.. pick whomever the star is.

Jeff 29:02

Doreen 29:03

Jeff 29:06
What do they say if you had lunch with Oprah?

Doreen 29:07
Yeah and pick whoever you want, let’s say it’s Oprah. Right? And so you have lunch, she wants to have lunch with you. You have a lunch date tomorrow at noon to have lunch with her. I’m going to rest assure that if you want to be with her for lunch, you’re going to be there not only going to be there, you’re going to be dressed, you’re going to be looking good. You’re going to be in a good mood, you’re going to be there five minutes or 10 minutes early.

Jeff 29:30
Even get up at 5:30.

Doreen 29:32
Up, get ready, because you’re meeting her and because you wouldn’t want to let her down either, you made the commitment. Make a commitment to yourself. You are the most important person.

Jeff 29:43
That’s what this is all about. Do this for yourself. Be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself. You owe it to yourself. I mean, this is something you know, I really, really believe. Is this like that example with a mask that falls out of the airplane. Yes. You know, what do they say to put it on first?

Doreen 30:06
It’s self care. It’s because you can’t help somebody else. If you don’t have any oxygen. I mean, you have to take care of yourself first. Yeah, so many out of you out there, you feel beat up from the divorce, you don’t know where to go. That is just, you know, I understand that we have both been through our own divorce as we get it. And I’ve been doing this for 30 years. So I know I’ve dealt with so many people going through divorce. But listen, you deserve this. And you can get to the better side, you can make an amazing life, you can have this incredible existence. And what better thing than your divorce to push you forward to propel you. It is now to make it happen. And with that, I’m gonna say goodnight.

Jeff 30:48
One other thing.

Doreen 30:50
Oh I thought it was closing it off.

Jeff 30:52
I just want to also say about support. You know, surround yourself by with family members that love you, friends that can support you and keep you know, maybe get you know, get you into the gym meet you there.

Doreen 31:04
Well, let’s. Since you opened that door, you know, I’m going to talk.

Jeff 31:08
Well, that’s the intention of the podcast.

Doreen 31:10
I’m sorry, I thought that was a great like, getting them all excited. But here’s here’s the thing, do I suggest that you really think about the support that you need to accomplish your goals? And that may be eliminating and rechecking the people you have around you in your life, the ones that aren’t supportive of your goals, or keep them over here, you know, don’t listen to them, like refocus that. But also accountability partners, people that have similar interests. People that have your back coaches like us, just like us who do this day in and day out, give yourself the blessing. Give yourself the beautiful gift of a somebody like a coach, people do it for training for working out. They do it. I have a business coach, they’re amazing. You know, I have a life coach because I believe in it. I love having somebody to talk to and to be accountable. To me, it’s it’s worth it.

Jeff 32:13
That’s everything. And if you want to find out a little bit more about it, give us a call or look us up but you had a free discovery call where we can chat and find out a little bit more about coaching and see if it’s right for you and surround yourself with the right kind of people.

Doreen 32:27
Absolutely. All right, everybody. Go out there and make it a most amazing, amazing week. Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal and you know what. You’ve got to make it happen. Bye.

Jeff 32:39
Bye. You have the vision of what you want your life to look like after divorce, but maybe you just don’t know how to get there. So if you’re ready to take control of your life and want to find out more about our coaching, visit us at That’s LAD as in

Doreen 33:10
Until next time, have an amazing rest of your day. And remember, yes you can..

Doreen & Jeff 33:16
Have an amazing life after divorce.

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