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Ep. 43 – Time Out

In this episode, I explain that when you aren’t feeling great, physically or mentally, it’s okay to take some time to feel better and give the world less than what you usually do.


Hey, my beautiful friends. How are you? Well, I’m not feeling so good today. I have the flu and it’s kind of kicking my tushy, but, uh, I want to take the time to talk to you about not feeling well. Maybe it’s physically like I’m feeling today or maybe it’s mentally and giving yourself a break. So if you’re ready, Get started.

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So I don’t have covid, but I have a flu and this is a pretty big one, but I have a commitment to do my podcast, do my episode to you. And so I am here and I get inspired by things that are going on in my life. And so today, since I haven’t been feeling well and I was contemplating what I was gonna talk to you, If I cough in between, I do apologize.

I, uh, thought it’s okay to give yourself a break. It’s okay to do what I like to call be or c work because you have something else going on in your life. Four. Some people tend to procrastinate and use this thought process that they have to always give a work a plus work before they turn it in. And what I’m here to tell you is that not only do you get to give yourself a timeout when you’re not feeling well.

Mentally or physically? Physically like I am today, but also sometimes you just get work out into the world and maybe it’s not your best work, but it’s B or C work and it’s okay. Now, there’s different types of getting work out in the world, right? Some of us, as I said, we tend to be very critical of ourselves and unless something is perfectly done, In its perfect form, whatever it might be.

We just keep, keep it to ourselves and we don’t move forward with whatever it is that we’re doing. So I’m talking now to people that are working people, professional entrepreneurs. You know, in business and the work, trying to get things done. It could be even just managing our household and whatever you have going on in there.

But you know, in order to move forward, in order to reach our goals, we’ve got to get the work out there. Right. And even today when I’m not feeling so. And I’m feeling under the weather. I’ve got a sore throat and a fever. I wanted to talk to you because I figured talking to you as opposed to missing my next episode really made more sense.

So I thank you, first of all for bearing with me and for. Being there and listening to me, and I appreciate you so much and I hope that you’re getting something from this. So think about the last time that you didn’t feel so good. What did you do? Did you live in a lot of guilt about it? Did you. Decide that you were gonna give yourself a break and probably a much needed break and just give yourself a chance to recuperate.

And when I say physically and mentally, I really truly mean that you can have physical symptoms being sick like I do today. Or you can just have what I call mental health days. Days that you just need to chill. and recover. Give yourself the opportunity just to rest, to rest your mind, to rest your brain, to rest physically.

Right? And that’s okay. But so many of us live in this place where, We think that we always have to be on, that we always have to be doing. And the reality is that our world, our society in general tends to promote that kind of behavior. You know, we’re always go, go, go 24 7. And the reality of that is, is that your body physically and mentally cannot sustain a 24 7 go, go, go.

Now, you just came out of divorce, right? And that was enough for you to have to deal with and you need to give your. The understanding of that, right, that you don’t have to go from this place of getting divorced to amazing in like a week. It’s going to take time. Slow and steady wins the race. So while my episode to you is going to be very, very short today, because I’m gonna go rest and give myself a break, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that you too.

Are permitted to have the time to rest, to take the time off, to cancel your day, reschedule it as you need. Tell the kids that your mommy’s gonna take some time for herself. Maybe have somebody watch the kids. If you’re a professional person or an entrepreneur, just say, you know what? I’m gonna, my body needs.

My mind needs rest, so that tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, I’m in my best shape possible to give my best to the world. So it’s short, it’s sweet. It’s to the point. If you are feeling like me today, please, please, please give yourself a break and go rest. It’s all gonna be there tomorrow, I promise you.

So, until next time, until next week, I promise you, next week I’m gonna feel. We’ll have a good episode about something exciting and something motivating to you, and until next time, take care of yourself. Give yourself a timeout and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye my friends.

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Until next time, have an amazing rest of your day. And remember, yes, you can have an amazing life after.

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