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Ep. 78 – David Moreno, Badass Business Coach

In this episode, Doreen and Jeff talk with Dave Moreno, the Badass Business Coach.

Find out what a Badass Coach is and get some insight on how divorce can affect your business and how to circumvent issues.


Doreen: Hey, my beautiful friends. And how are you? We’re on episode number 78. Can’t believe it. Wow. And today we’re gonna have a special guest who’s an entrepreneur, life and business coach, podcaster, author, and speaker. And really, he is just super amazing. He’s a friend, he’s a business coach of ours. And his name is Dave Moreno.

So if you are ready, let’s get started.

Are you ready to create a life that’s better than ever before? We are Doreen Yaffa and Jeff Wilson, and we are here to give you the strategies you need to create the life after divorce that you deserve and desire. As partners both in marriage and coaching, we use our expertise as well as our own personal experiences to help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter.

Hey, Jeff, how are you?

Jeff: Good. How are you doing?

Doreen: All right. We got Dave here.

Jeff: I’m excited about him. Hey, Dave. How are you.

Dave: Good. How are you guys?

Jeff: Yeah. Now I know you’re dedicated to maximizing the your client’s potential in business, and you’re known as the Badass Coach.

Dave: Right. Yes.

Doreen: You’re just jumping right in today.

Dave: Yeah.

Doreen: How about, how are you, what’s going on in your life?

Jeff: Well, all right. All right. Let me rewind. .

Dave: I say he’s used to working with me. We just get down to business. That’s it. Down to business. .

Doreen: That’s true. Time is money, right?

Jeff: Dave, how are you today?

Dave: I’m great. How are you guys?

Jeff: Awesome. Awesome.

Doreen: We’re doing good. We’re, let’s see. It’s a little cold here in Florida today. I’m sure it’s freezing. You’re up in Canada, right?

Dave: I was gonna say, you say you’re a little cold. I’m looking at about five feet of snow out my window here and a frozen lake, so it’s a little different.

Doreen: It’s a little different. It’s 66 degrees here, and as you can see, I have a sweater on.

Dave: I was gonna say it’s 24 degrees here and I have a light sweater on. So tells you the difference.

Jeff: Our dogs won’t even go outside.

Doreen: Well, okay, now let’s jump in. Let’s talk about how we know Dave, how we met him. And then let’s have an amazing.

Jeff: Well, how did, how did we meet?

Doreen: We met him through the life coach school. We were looking for a business coach. Yes. And we were referred to Dave and you actually engaged him to be your coach. I see. Great things are happening, so I know it’s working.

Jeff: Yes.

Doreen: So one of the things that I think is really important is, you know, when you’re going through a life crisis such as divorce, death, illness, something like this, you know, it really can take you off when it comes to your business.

You know, it’s hard enough to stay on track. And keep focused when things are going well. But when those really bad things we, we all know life is 50 50, right Dave?

Dave: Yeah. Yeah.

Doreen: But you know, when those really bad 50 50 on the 50 bad side, like a divorce or death come into play, it can really take you off, you know, your business plan.

And so, one of the things I want, you know, our listeners to know is that what we really try to focus in on is business people, entrepreneurs, professionals going through divorce. That’s kind of our niche. Not that we wouldn’t, you know, take other people that aren’t in that category, but I think because we have both been through our own divorces, we both have several businesses, we both went through divorces, we, we’ve been there, done that.

Right. So we thought today we’re gonna talk about business coaching in general, and I know that Jeff’s gonna get started with some questions, but just wanted the listeners to know that, you know, having a coach when you’re going through a divorce, whether it’s a business coach like you, Dave, or it’s a coach like us, you know, it’s, it can really in the bottom at the end of the day, , you could end up really, you know, it gives back so much.

You end up recovering what you spend, for sure. Right.

Dave: Yeah. Well, I like to, you know, the easiest way to put it for your listeners, I like, I was thinking about this in our conversation and I explained to my clients, look, life is like, like being a gladiator in an arena. Okay? It’s full of pain. There’s a lot of battles that you gotta fight just to get through life.

Going through life and owning your own business is like being in the arena with one eye. You only got one eye open. Now going through life, in a business as an owner and going through divorce or loss or any major shift is like doing it blindfolded. And here’s the most important thing when you’re doing it blindfolded, you better have someone else telling you what they see.

You better have someone else’s perspective when you’re blindfolded in an arena battling for your life cuz that’s what’s happening when you’re trying to every day is just survival. And so I think it’s important anyone who starts a business to have a coach, cuz they only have one eye open in that arena.

Anyone who owns a business and going through something like a divorce or a major shift in their life is blindfolded. They don’t even know what’s happening. It is imperative at that point to get a divorce, which is why I love what you guys do and how you work with people. Yeah.

Doreen: And, and yeah, it’s imperative to get a coach, you know? I never thought about it. What a great, a great metaphor though.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah.

Doreen: I mean, seriously being in that ring as a gladiator. And having your eyes closed and having somebody to help you know, go right, go left. You know, see things clearly when you can’t because you’re blindfolded. Makes so much sense. All right.

Jeff: Yeah. You’re gonna get eaten by the lions otherwise, right?

Dave: Quite literally. Yeah.

Jeff: You know, I know that one of your, my favorite, sayings that you have, that it is kind of like your motto is you believe that a problem with the business is usually a problem with the business owner. Can you interject on that?

Dave: Yeah, absolutely. You know, that was one of the first things I learned and why, why I actually became a coach, because I, you know, the first things when I went into business coaching the reason I avoided it in the beginning when I became a coach was because I don’t know everything in business.

I don’t know everything about, you know, how to be a lawyer, how to be a doctor, how to be a dentist. I don’t know everything about how to run a marketing agency. I didn’t know the specifics about every business. And I thought, well then who am I to take on all these different clients and do this? And what I realized was in looking through a few clients, and I had a client at that point who had a business.

So we started working on his business and he was a dentist. And he joked around that you know nothing about teeth. And I said, I know nothing. I hate the dentist. I was very upfront with him. I said, listen, I hate the dentist. I’ll avoid it in all cases, but I guarantee I can help you build your business.

And he knew that I could. So we started working together and what I believed was, look, he knows his dental practice. He knows the ins and outs of how to be a dentist. What he’s missing is the mentality and the perspective on how to grow. He doesn’t see what he’s doing wrong. He can’t see the ingredients through the label of the bottle.

And so I went, look, I wonder if this is true. I believe this saying I want to test it with his client. So we went. We started to work on it and I realized if I fix their mentality if I get them to be the strongest, best version of themselves possible, they can execute all the education and knowledge they have of their specific business and industry and training and education.

I don’t need to have the training and education that a doctor or dentist or a lawyer has to help them build their practice. All I have to know is they’re human, they have a brain, and they’re gonna get into trouble all the time.

Doreen: Right?

Dave: Which is what happens with every entrepreneur. And so coaching is conversations. Imagine having a conversation with someone who knows how to hold space, who is open, who has some strategy and tactics to give you, and can mix all of that together in this pot that lets you be the most successful version of yourself possible. So now I know after, you know, six years of doing this and working with hundreds of clients, I can tell you any problem, and I mean, any problem in a business can be directly attributed back to a problem the entrepreneur is having in their life.

Doreen: Absolutely a hundred percent. It’s that digging deep. That’s hard sometimes, right?

Dave: That’s right. And people don’t wanna own that. Oh my relationship’s falling apart and that’s why my business isn’t successful. Or my, I’m not paying attention to my health, or I’m not being regimented here, or I’m not, you know, I’m not be having the best discipline with money that’s why my business is failing.

It is always a problem with the entrepreneur. I love entrepreneurs who come to me and be like, my employees are screwing up this and that. I said, it’s a leadership problem. They’re like, no, no. They’re really screwing up. I said, it’s a leadership problem. Every problem with an employee is a leadership problem.

Right. Change the leadership. Now it might be too late. You might have to change. I hope that employee might be set in their ways, whatever. But change leadership, you can change anything. So it always comes back to the entrepreneur every single time.

Doreen: Yeah. You gotta own that responsibility. Right? You mentioned about failure, you know? And I like to look at failure. I call it fail forward.

Dave: Yes.

Doreen: Right. You know what I mean? Right?

Dave: Yeah, absolutely.

Doreen: Couple times as an entrepreneur or, you know, we have failure failures and we just wanna give up. We don’t want to, we don’t wanna figure it out, you know?

We just wanna say, yeah, look what happened, but fail forward. Tell them what that means, because I know, I know, we know. But the listeners.

Dave: Well, you know, one of the other ones that I love to use before fail forward is fail fast. So many people are scared of failure, and I say, listen, go fail fast. The faster you’re willing to fail, the more forward momentum you’ll get.

And so failing fast means that you’ll try everything. If I say, look, I want you to figure out how to, how to make this pizza. Okay. And you sit there and you start thinking, well, I’m gonna need dome. I’m gonna need this. No, no, no. Fail fast. Go. You’re like, all right, throw this water and throw this. Oh, no.

That’s not how you do it. Do this, do this. No, that’s not how you do it. Oh, this, this. That’s how you do it. You do it 10 times faster when you’re willing to fail faster. And every time you fail, you move forward. People think failures are step backs. Every failure is forward momentum. As long as you’re willing to institute the lesson from the failure, if you fail and don’t institute the lesson you’re not moving backwards. You never move backwards. You’re just staying still. Fail again. Fail again. But it’s, take the lesson and every time you take the lesson, you will move forward. Even in failure.

Doreen: You know, in my business right now, we’re merging. We have a new lawyer coming in and we’re merging his files with ours, and we’re having a little issue, you know, merging and technology.

And Barbara, one of my teammates, she’s like, well, it’s not working. I’m like, good. And she’s like, what? I go, well, that didn’t work that way. Didn’t work. We’re one step closer to figuring it out.

Dave: We learned one more way. It doesn’t work. Yeah.

Doreen: Yeah. So let’s talk about Badass Coach.

Jeff: Yeah. That’s what I wanna know.

Doreen: Go, go.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, you’re the badass, you know, coach. How, how did you not only come up with the name, but what does it mean?

Dave: You know, what’s, you know what’s funny? I didn’t come up with the. And these are the best ones that people get. You know, if you gotta tell everybody who you are, you’re not really that person.

If other people tell you who you are, you’re actually that person. And so it was about a year and a half into my business, and people just kept saying to me, oh man, you’re so badass. You’re so badass. And I would just like brush it off, like, I didn’t take compliments well. And I’m like, ha ha, ha. No, move on.

And then someone’s like, man, you’re the badass business coach. And the second they said it, I remember the moment they said it, something like my hair stood up in my arms and I was just like.

Doreen: Yeah, cause not on the head. Right?

Dave: That’s right. Not on the head. Hair stood up on my chin and my arms, I was still still shaving my head.

Jeff: Then started over, this says audio only.

Dave: Right. I got a nice aerodynamic head here on purpose. It helps me move faster. But they said it to me and I literally got this rush of emotion and it’s what I equated to the only way I can describe it is I felt like a fire 10 times larger than anything else had lit inside of me, and that’s actually where the fire thing came from for me.

When someone said that to me, it’s the first time I really felt this fire erupt. And I said back to him, I said, you know what, I am the badass business coach. And as soon as I said it, it was solidified. And from that moment on, it’s just how I described myself because I said, look, I’ve been trying to describe myself many ways to people.

I’m like, look, I’m firm. I’m direct, I’m very in your face. You know, I’m confident, but I’m also really nice and all this, and you know, you don’t have to be scared of me. And I’m like, all these ways to describe it was so hard when I say badass business coach, even just the way I say it, people understood it immediately and to me, what badass is, you know, I remember writing my first website and explaining, look, badass doesn’t mean, you know, drinking beer and watching sports and do it.

Like, I’m not trying to be, you know, that guy. What badass means to me is that I have, I’m willing to be direct and honest with people, so I’m willing to have hard conversations. I’m very confident in who I am and I don’t change who I am for anybody, and I’m willing to be vulnerable and admit when I make mistakes.

And I’m like, if you can take those three things into a cocktail shaker and shake it up, you get a badass drink. That’s what you get. And so that’s, that’s how Badass came to be and that’s what it means to me.

Doreen: I love it. So now I know where the fire comes on your website.

Dave: That’s right. Every, every time you know the fire, you see the emojis behind me and that the fire was the start of it all and actually came from that conversation with a client.

Doreen: That’s fantastic.

Jeff: Yeah. That’s excellent. Now what, is there a certain niche that you’d like to focus in on? I know it’s mostly business, but is there a certain target it down a little bit.

Dave: Yeah, the nice thing is my niche is entrepreneurs who need help. So honestly, it’s everyone who owns a business, but quite seriously, it’s, you know, anyone in the service-based business.

So look, if you, if you deal with products, here’s a problem. I work with my clients for about a year at a time. And I go longer if they want to grow more. But in that year, if you have a product-based business, it’s very hard because here’s the thing, in a product-based business, the problem in your business is not always the entrepreneur.

Because what if there’s a problem with the product? Then we have to retool. We have to re-certify the product. We may have to remanufacture the product. A lot of our coaching time is gonna be taken up in the product development stage. If you’re a service-based business, that means you’re selling your knowledge, your education, or your experience in exchange for money.

Doreen: Right?

Dave: That means that any problem in the business is a problem with the entrepreneur cuz you’re selling a service based on even if you have a team, it’s still your experience, your knowledge that started the whole thing. So service-based business owners, who are not happy, where their business is, who feel uncomfortable, I always say, your next level is available to you when you feel uncomfortable where you are, you don’t know why. You just feel like there’s more, you feel uncomfortable. You can’t put your finger on it. It means there’s another level out there for you and you’re not taking the right steps to get it. I helped those entrepreneurs get to that next level easier and faster.

Doreen: That’s great.

Jeff: That was awesome.

Doreen: That’s great.

Jeff: Now it, when somebody’s going through a divorce or a death like Doreen mentioning, any kind of emotional challenge mentally. I know Doreen and I can help ’em with the divorce part of it or going through the divorce part of it. How do you separate the business side of it and help them go through the tough times with their business?

Dave: You know, any tough time in life will equal a tough time in your business. And people think when things are bad in life, just go fully on my business. Just, I’m just gonna work, be a workaholic. I’m just gonna focus cuz it’s the one thing I still have control over, right? It’s so one place I still feel connected and all of a sudden the more you know, work and growth is not about time.

It’s not about how much time you put in, it’s about putting the right effort into your business. You don’t need to put more time in. And when people put more time in, they overanalyze, they overwork, they overthink, and they start screwing stuff up.

Doreen: Yes.

Dave: So in a business, I don’t care, you know, I’ve had clients go through divorce, I’ve had clients go through loss in a business, and at the end of the day, it is always the hardest part about coaching someone through divorce or loss or any major change when they own a business is truly holding them back from overindulging in their business, giving them the right mindset, giving them the right framework, giving them the right focus so that the business isn’t the place they go to get all their shit out the business. You know, I’ve had people go through a divorce and, and, and lose it at work. You know, an employee says something to them and their emotions get the best of them, and they start treating employees like crap.

Or they start, you know, saying, screw this to this customer or this and that. Keeping their perspective, keeping their focus straight is important. And when things I think, you know, in any relationship, I remember a client who went through this, but in any relationship, when the relationship ends, there’s, you lose a connection even if you lost a connection and divorce is just the result of a disconnected marriage for a long time.

Doreen: Right.

Dave: You still feel lonely and you feel even more lonely cuz it’s official. And so you can’t take things out on your business. Your business has to be protected, which means you have to be protected. I think the most important thing for anyone going through any major shift in life, if you own a business or not, but particularly if you own a business, cuz that’s your lifeblood, that’s your baby, that’s how you make your living. You have to focus in. But when you have a job and you go through a divorce and your performance falls a little bit, you can have a conversation with your employer. You can say, listen, I know I haven’t been doing a great job. I’m really, I’m gonna step it up. And they, maybe they offer you some help, maybe they get you some coaching, some, you know, executive coaching or whatever. When you have a business, you can’t go out to the marketplace and go, Hey, sorry everybody, I’m going through a divorce right now. Just take it easy on me. And you don’t start putting that on social media and that, and your customers don’t go, okay, we’ll still, you know, we’ll still buy, we’ll take lower quality, we’ll take, you know, some time off, we’ll take whatever.

Oh, your customers move on to the next service and you end up losing revenue. So it’s so important. I think that perspective, but especially when you’re going through major changes.

Doreen: Yeah, I mean it’s hard when you have these motions that you’re dealing with in the divorce. And you know, like let’s say you get a nasty gram from your soon to be ex, you know, and your phone, you know what I’m saying?

Like those text messages that come in or communication or the judge. You know, gave you a bad ruling on a particular motion, right? Or your lawyer isn’t responding back to you. I mean and you’re all like emotional, but to, to be able to take a step back and slow down and be able to focus in on your business and how you wanna show up.

And how that’s gonna affect everybody and your team is so vital to success. I do see, you know, doing this for over 25 years. I see a lot of business owners that do put a hundred percent, not a hundred percent of course, but they really do. Like you said, they can’t control their ex. They’re soon to be ex. They can’t control the system, the legal system.

They can’t control their lawyer. And so they focus in, they like dive into their business and they end up getting burnt out. They’re getting burnt out, you know? And they’re not good clients either for the lawyer because they’re just emotionally, you know, not there.

Dave: Yeah. And how long in burnout in your business does it take until you reesent your business. You hate your business. You end up divorcing your business. You break up with your business because it’s just the same. You’re gonna follow the same pattern that probably happened in your relationship, right?

Where things go down and hurdle because you get burnt out or you’re not satisfied or you’re satiated in it, or whatever the case, it’s a trend that I’ve seen all the time, of course, with entrepreneurs. But you know, I think anytime someone, if you feel a loss of control in life, you lose a relationship, you lose a loved one, whatever the case to loss, to divorce, it doesn’t matter.

Anytime you feel you lose control in life, the number one thing you should do is take control of something else. And people go to their business, people go to, you know, other things. They try to control their kids. They try to control other things that their employees. The number one thing you should move on to is to control yourself.

And the hardest thing in the world to do in that time is control yourself. Exactly, why you need help?

Doreen: That’s why we, we try to find our clients where they are. And figure that out. And we have to kind of dig deep to get to the bottom of that first before we can help ’em with their business.

Dave: Yes.

Doreen: You know, they’ve gotta work on themselves and so that’s really, it can be very challenging for them, you know?

Dave: Well, the most, the funniest thing I’ve ever heard from, and I hear this all the time from clients. Yeah. Yeah. I, you know, I just, I wanna be in a better place to hire a coach.

I’m just, I’m in a bad spot right now. I really wanna be in a better place to hire a coach. I want to get over this. I want the legal proceedings to be done. I want, you know, let me get my business back on track and then I’ll hire you. And I always stop right away.

Jeff: And I go, wait before I go to the gym.

Dave: Well, that’s it. Let me clean the house before the cleaners come, right? Like, oh, the cleaners are coming today. Let me make the house spotless so I don’t look like a pig. Why are you hiring cleaners? If you’re gonna clean the house yourself, when you’re in that bad spot, when you think you’re not in the right place to hire a coach, because things are so messy, that is 100% the most valuable time. You will get the most bang for your buck with a coach in that moment than any other time.

Doreen: I find it hard to persuade certain clients for that. You know, I probably need to work on that a little bit. I have a couple entrepreneur, clients right now, you know, big time entrepreneurs who are very, very emotional about the divorce, you know?

And it’s, it’s taking up, I would say, consuming them.  I wanna say their entire day. And that’s too much drama, but it’s consuming a big part of their day. And so I’ll, I’ll introduce the concept of coaching in different ways, different manners, and they just don’t seem to wanna, you know, go there, you know, and we only push so hard, right?

Dave: Right.

Doreen: I don’t know yet.

Dave: I don’t ask them a question. Just ask them a question and let them sit. Don’t even wait for a response. Just say, you know, think about that. And the question that I typically go to, How much change, how much time do you spend thinking, worrying, you know, regretting, resenting? How much time do you spend a negative emotion every day?

Add up all the worry, all the time you spend thinking about the relationship, all the reasons it went wrong, all the ways that your life isn’t gonna be the best. Think about the amount of time you spend doing that. Add it up, put it in your head. Let’s say, you know, let’s say it’s three hours. Well, let me ask you this.

What would you do if I were to give you an extra four days a month. Imagine I paused the entire world and I said, look, you, I’m gonna give you four extra days when everyone else is gonna be asleep to get ahead in life. How valuable would that be if I can take away those three hours a day and it’s probably a lot more than three hours.

Doreen: It is. Yeah.

Dave: I’m giving you four days a month back of time. How much more could your business grow if everyone else, if you had a four day advantage over everybody?

Doreen: Yeah, that’s huge. And that’s the truth. It’s not to mention their health , you know?

Dave: Well, that’s it. Yeah.

Doreen: You know.

Dave: Anytime spent a negative emotion, but I mean, this has been proven through many, many studies now, negative emotion, worry, fear, doubt, questioning all of that literally causes physical ailments in the body.

It causes pain, it causes disease, all of those things, right? Cancer cells have grown from negative pressures in the body, and emotions are just pressures in the body. Right? People literally make themselves sick through thinking, and in a situation like a divorce or a loss, it’s just, it’s 10 times more powerful to do that to you.

Doreen: Yeah, and I see it, I call it the divorce diet, because physically what I see is that a lot of people just, they’re so emotionally, involved in the divorce and the negative they literally don’t eat. Yeah. Which for some of them, they could use . Yeah. You know, or maybe they they thank me, but for others, I mean, they really, they lose a lot of weight very quickly because they’re just emotionally and health wise, not in a good spot.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, you know what, all this sounds good and simple, but I’m sure it’s not easy. How do you get somebody to focus in when on in their business? How do you do it?

Dave: Well, it really comes down, you know, people love to use the word discipline, and discipline is so scary to people because they think they have to build this big thing called discipline.

The honest truth is every human being is disciplined on this planet. That’s, that’s what we have. We have an advantage over being disciplined. We are disciplined. We are just disciplined in things that don’t serve us. Okay? If someone is overweight every time they feel bad, they will get food. If someone is overweight and they feel like a cheeseburger, they see an ad online for a cheeseburger and fries they will get out, go in their car and make a special trip to get a cheeseburger and fries. They’re very disciplined, right, Right. But imagine if you just had to learn to shift your discipline, right? Imagine if it wasn’t this thing you had to build. Imagine if it was just taking the same power that hurts you and refocusing it to something that helps you.

So understanding discipline is number one that I do with an entrepreneur. They have to learn that they don’t have to build anything, they just have to shift what they do. It’s, it’s a minor adjustment we make. And then once we make the adjustment, the second one is consistency. Talking to my clients on a regular basis, doing this, helping them through it, bringing up, I love when clients come to me and they’re like, ah, I feel like I’ve been talking to you about this for four months.

And it’s like, yeah, that’s called consistency. Like, did you think this was gonna change overnight? Did you think it was gonna work? Yes. We’re still having these issues come up. Yes, we fixed them, but after six months, this is why I work with my clients for a year one-on-one, because after six months they’re like, man, I can’t even remember what it used to be like to do it the other way.

It’s right, right. We can’t change it overnight. So it’s consistency and a shift of discipline that helps someone refocus. I can’t say something right now that would help someone refocus immediately and keep it. But over a number of months, I can find out exactly why, all the reasons why their focus is wrong, and make those small, simple shifts to correct the focus.

And they wake up one day and they don’t even recognize who they are anymore. They’re, they’re working the right way. They’re doing the right things.

Doreen: Well, I’ve seen you in action. You do. You’re amazing.

Dave: And thank you.

Doreen: Yeah. I’d love what you do. And I love your style. You have such a really great style, you know?

Dave: Yeah.

Doreen: So tell our listeners different programs you have.

Dave: Sure.

Doreen: How to get in touch with you and all that kind of great stuff.

Dave: Yeah, so we have, I mean you go to my website anytime, it’s just, and so you can go to that website. You can learn all about what I do.

And you know, it depends when you’re hearing this, but at this time, what you can do is you can actually join the next Level Academy. We have an entire academy. It’s an amazing community. I work with the academy. I do about three calls a week inside that academy, three live calls a week. Plus, we have the community of people talking.

It’s a great place. Entrepreneurs. Here’s what I learned. Entrepreneurs often feel alone. Right. They feel like they’re running their business themselves. They don’t have someone to talk to, and so they can go join the Next Level Academy, and they have that community. They have that built in support so they can join the academy.

They can also work with me one-on-one for people who are really serious about that change. They can work with me one-on-one, but heading to my website is the best way to find it. Anything you want to know?

Doreen: Perfect. Perfect.

Jeff: Am I wrong in saying that the Academy is a lifetime?

Dave: It was Lifetime. Yes. There are still, we removed the lifetime now, so now you pay a little bit less, but you in for a year.

So when we first enrolled the academy, it was a lifetime membership, which was a fantastic deal for people. The academy at time, we’re recording this isn’t open, but it will be opening very soon. So I’m sure by the time your listeners are here, they’ll go to the website and they’ll see it. But, You joined for a year, that’s a yearlong commitment of getting that support.

And then you can stay in if you want to. After that, we’ll have an offer for you to stay in as well.

Doreen: That’s great. And you know what, the connections that you make inside of the academy, cuz I’ve been here, it’s amazing the different types of businesses, the different types of personalities, professionals, the contacts that you get. I mean, that in and of itself is so valuable.

Dave: Yeah, and the different types of support that are in there, which is really funny, like I didn’t go out and try to get an email expert and a web designer and a graphic designer to join. They were all just people I worked with in the past, and as soon as I opened it, they went and bought their own membership to it.

I didn’t give it to them. And so now when you get in there, it’s like, oh, if you have a web question, my web people are in there. They’re members. My graphics person is in there, she’s a member. My email expert is in there, he’s a member. So when you’re in there asking questions, right? When you’re in there asking questions, you have access to them. It’s so amazing.

Doreen: It’s so amazing cuz it’s hard to find people in your entrepreneurship world that you trust.

Dave: That’s right.

Doreen: And here you know that these people are serious about their business cuz they’re there.

Dave: That’s right. Anyone in that academy is serious about their business. You don’t have people who are trying to market and sell you stuff. These are people who are in there to be part of a community and they’ve invested in growth, which is, those are the people you want to be around.

Doreen: Absolutely, a hundred percent. Well, listen, Dave, thank you so much.

Dave: Oh, you’re welcome. This was a lot of fun.

Doreen: I could sit and talk to you for hours.

Dave: I feel the same. I love having these kind of conversations. They’re so fun.

Doreen: Yeah, it’s great.

Jeff: Yeah. You may have mentioned it, but can you, one more time, how can we get ahold of, how can the people get ahold of you?

Doreen: Their website?

Dave: Yeah. On Instagram, it’s at Dave Moreno coaching. Easiest way to find me.

Doreen: Perfect.

Jeff: Awesome.

Doreen: Yeah. All right, Madea. Well, listen, have an amazing day. Stay, stay warm up there.

Dave: I will. Don’t worry, .

Doreen: Oh, alright. Alright, we’ll see you soon.

Jeff: Thank you, Dave.

Doreen: Bye bye. Have a good one. All right everybody. Hope you enjoy today’s episode. Reach out to Dave. He’s amazing. We’ve used him ourselves. And until next time, be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

And remember, yes, you can have an amazing life after divorce.

Doreen: Bye.

Jeff: Bye. You have the vision of what you want your life to look like after divorce, but maybe you just don’t know how to get there. So if you’re ready to take control of your life and want to find out more about our coaching, visit us at That’s L A D as in life after divorce dash

Doreen: Until next time, have an amazing rest of your day. And remember, yes, you can have an amazing life after divorce.

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