Thrive After Divorce: A 12-Week Coaching Journey

Price: $3,495.00

Ready to Ignite Your Post-Divorce Life?  Hell Yeah, You Are!  

Forget the fluff – this is where real change happens.  We’re all about concrete results and radical transformation.  Here’s the powerhouse plan we’ve got lined up for you:  

12 Weeks of Revolutionary Rebuilding: Dive into 6 explosive modules, each spanning two weeks. The first week is all about mastering the concepts.  In the second week you’ll implement them to set your life ablaze with change.  Each of the 6 modules is introduced with an insightful video and a thought-provoking worksheet.  These resources are designed to give you a deep understanding of key concepts, from rediscovering your identity to mastering resilience. 

Personalized, One-on-One Coaching Sessions: You get 12 of these, scheduled at your convenience, to supercharge your journey.  In each week of each module, you’ll have a one-hour session with Jeff Wilson.  These sessions are where the magic happens – applying what you’ve learned to your life.   

Exclusive Access: Unlock exclusive content that will keep you inspired, informed, and unstoppable.